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Look, I am a nerd!! I mean REALLY!  I think that quantum physics, mysticism, and the brain are the most fascinating subjects on this planet (and maybe beyond).   So it is no wonder that I have ended up creating a career where I get to do my favorite things, continue to study and learn, create, and help others. 

I see you!  You and I are a lot alike...we are the curious ones...always wanting to know a little more.  This page is for you! 


I have trained in a LOT of modalities, and in particular Applied Neurology (because the brain!).  I love everything about how the brain functions (well maybe not the math part of neurochemistry...I don't love that part so much).  But neural pathways are OH SHIT amazing!


And the more I learned about the brain, the more curious I became about energy in general.  I started to follow thought leaders like Bruce Lipton, Dawson Church, Lynne McTaggart, and Joe Dispenza.  Which eventually led me to seek a degree in Holistic Health and a Masters and Doctorate in Natural Medicine (currently in process).    It was from all of these amazing classes and books that I began to get even more curious about the energetics of our reality and in particular the science and neurology of perception.


The more I learned about quantum physics, spirituality, the mind, and the body the more I realized that true transformation comes from working with all of them.  

  And I realized when I combined the right questions which sparked the quantum creativity of the perception shifting AHA moment, with the science of quantum physics and how it is applied as energy medicine the results were...well pure alchemy...

And so


was born!

Energy medicine in general is based on quantum physics and how energy interacts (think sound therapy). I combine several different energetic modalities like

Quantum Biofeedback, acupressure, Applied Kinesiology/Physiology/Neurology, sound and light therapy, with my deep understanding for classical Chinese medicine and guided relaxation and visualizations to help us look at the beliefs and perceptions that guide the mind, the emotions, and the body.  


So how do you know if Alchemical Coaching is right for you? 

Well, with all of those fancy trainings I really just call myself a healer. 

I have worked with all things physical (chronic pain, digestive issues, weight management...), to emotional stress like anxiousness, worry, and grief, to neurological imbalances like depression, ADD, life transitions like careers and relationships.  

Because the truth is, these things are ALL connected!

Are you ready to RELEASE your blocks, RECLAIM your superpowers, feel more invigorated, and step into your fully REWILDED potential?

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The best way to know is to experience! 

Book your free discovery call today!

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