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Oh hey you!

Want to play together?

I see you change-maker!  You are ready to take the next step and dive in!  Let's do it! There are several ways to work with me, 1:1 Coaching, training and classes, group programs, and of course our one and only

Summer Camp for Your SOUL! 


1:1 Healing

I call this my page my Growthy page because this is where the deep, brutiful, gritty, exhilarating 1:1 coaching work lives.  If you want to make true transformation in your life through working with me directly, go here!

The Ne(u)rdy Page

I call this my Neurdy Page because it is my clever way of working the word neuron and nerd together...

because I am a nerd. 

If you are a coach, seeker, energy practitioner, and you are ready to take your practice to the next level, this is where you need to go!

Rocky Beach
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2023 is in the works, details to come!

In Community

I have been known to say that group healing is the future of medicine.  When we come together as a community and radically human together, we make ripples in the entire universe and miraculous things

have been known to occur!   

Join us for our next event!

Wintering Workshop

In the Northern hemisphere, we are officially into winter.  This is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the stillness that winter brings.  Aligned with the Water element, this time of year offers us an opportunity to get really still with our true Self.  We have done the work to release what is no longer serves us, and we are already visioning what is ahead, but there is absolute MAGIC in the space between our past and our future.  In this workshop, we will learn to get still, tunnel into our magic, and cultivate the power we need to launch into 2023.  

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Curious about learning a little more about your archetype? Take the Elemental Archetype quiz now!

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