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Alchemy of Archetypes

Want to better understand how to navigate your own energy to experience more alignment and joy? Go beyond personality quizzes to a deep knowing of who you are and how to create an expansive life inside of it?

This comes from understanding the energy we carry, how to tend to our needs and how to adjust for the current season. All of which might take you in several directions of study to get to the bottom of. Astrology, different archetypal readings, physiology, energetics… and that’s where I come in.


After years of study and practice, I have finally created a system for understanding ourselves that blends together my backgrounds in brain health, holistic health & neuro-energetics, as well as other archetype frameworks like Chinese 5 Element work, Human Design/Gene Keys, Astrology, and Chakras. This is in part what I am here to do, – drawing through-lines to different philosophies, frameworks and modalities to help us better understand who we are and in turn, anything impeding that fullest expression.  I call this holistic understanding of ourselves our Alchetype.  


The Alchetype system provides overarching themes that lay the foundation of who we are meant to be.  They are the unconscious filters that we see the world through, our innate personalities, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, and even our physiology.   It is a way of seeing ourselves holistically and understanding ourselves deeply.  


Understanding our Alchetypes is like having a map of our Soul purpose. And the Alchemy of Archetypes membership is a living resource library and community ritual space to help you go deeper in your understanding of yourself and navigate the seasons. Here you’ll find:


  • Downloadable Guidebook for Alchetypes

  • Energy Tools and Techniques

  • Monthly Weather Reports to work with the energy of the Moon and our Astrology

  • Weekly guides to Human Design Gates in Transit

  • Monthly group healing sessions


When we understand our template of ourselves, then we can better see where different thoughts,

beliefs, and attitudes would serve us. As well as illuminate any way we are out of alignment with

our true Soul map. It is both the map in- to understand who we are and the

map out- of any way we’ve lost track of that.


These are skills, resources and practices that will change your approach to navigating

your work, relationships and life. It goes far beyond a personality type and into the

patterns that make us who we are. Cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and

your energy in the Alchemy of Archetypes community. 


Who is it for?

  • People who are invested in exploring their growth potential.

  • Folks interested in learning more about archetypal energy and what that means for their lives.

  • Those who want guidance around seasonal shifts specific to their energy.

  • People who want community practices for group ritual and energetic support.

  • Energetic practitioners seeking their own support. 

  • People new to energetic work and archetypes seeking a starting point.

The best part is, you will get all this growth, healing and support for just

$49 per month!   Join us today!

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