~All sessions are 30 minutes and remote.  

*The Quanta capsule app is a way for us to send you frequencies for personal balancing in between your sessions.  An additional one time fee of $77 dollars is required to purchase the Quanta Capsule app.

We can magnify the healing power for ourselves by working

For the Collective


So what is this

group thing?

Many people feel uncomfortable working in groups, but this kind of group work is different...And here is why!

First of all, this is not group therapy.  We are not going to sit around in a circle and spill our guts, although, I believe in that too, this isn't that!

This type of group work focuses on coming together to use the power of group energy to magnify healing.  We know through several substantial research projects and in particular, the Intention Project, conducted and researched by Lynne McTaggart, that when a group comes together to focus on a single intention, it amplifies the healing effect, and when that group focuses on other peoples healing first, there is a rebound effect!  

I have been working with individuals for years, and I have seen real miracles happen right before my eyes.  But I truly believe that we can amplify and even speed up our healing potential when we focus our intentions together.  I have felt it over and over.  

So, how does this group thing work?  Well, we have many different options.  Find the "group" that best peaks your interest, or that your intuition points you too, and join!  Some groups have a weekly meeting, some just have a time when we focus on a single healing intention together.  My favorite is the ones where we combine a little bit of information and a little bit of healing meditation. 

Why not leverage the power of group intention to help you achieve your ultimate goals of health, wealth and true abundance?   

For the Collective

Join us free!

Every Wednesday evening

5:45 EST 

FB Live


Join us for a weekly group intention meditation and clearing.  Each week we will run the Quantum Biofeedback for the group and do a general reading to create our group intention.  We then focus on this healing affirmation as a whole for 10 minutes.

This is completely free for now, so why not give it a try and see how it works!  

Right now we are being called as humans to recognize the depths of our fears and anxieties.  We have collectively created a beautiful opportunity to turn our light towards the darkness, face it and integrate it.  This creates change on the collective level, and change can be scary, gritty and brutiful.  But we are ready!  This group healing is about helping to alleviate deep anxiousness, lift depression and help us to move forward in conscious alignment with our highest self.  In this one hour weekly workshop and intention healing, we will explore the science of how vibrational medicines work and use the power of group intention to help heal our current and ancestral wounds both for ourselves and for the collective.

  • Weekly healing session

  • Ongoing subscription, sign up anytime!

  • $155 per month 

  • first month is free!

Does This Brain Make mY Butt Look Big 2.0?

Are you tired of trying all the fad diets, frustrated that exercising isn't working, or confused about all of the conflicting data out there?  Use the power of this weekly group workshop and session to help get a deeper understanding of what works for YOU! And to help amplify your results!  Let's get to the real root of what is causing you to hold weight on the biological and neurological level so that you can make long-lasting change!

Did you gain a Quarantine 15?

Join us for this

10 Week Weight Release Program and get back on track NOW!

Your subscription includes:

  • Weekly group webinar with in-depth information on nutrition, neurology, and lifestyle balance.  

  • 1 Group Quantum Biofeedback session each week.

  • Quanta Cap App export so you can listen to your frequencies all week. 

  • Free Facebook community page to help support each other. 

  • Weekly guides for daily practices, affirmations, and fun new healthy recipes to jump-start your success!

Special opportunity for half off pricing, was $497, now  $249!

Bring a friend and get an additional 20% off!

Registration Ends July 15! Space is limited,

reserve your spot today!

Magical Manifestion

Are you ready to remove the blocks that keep you from attracting your perfect match or true wealth and abundance?

This ongoing subscription runs weekly group Quantum Biofeedback to release the unconscious blocks that keep us from attracting our deepest desires!

  • No meeting necessary, just join the group intention for remote healing each Monday at 5:15pm EST. 

  • $33 monthly subscription, cancel anytime. 

Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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