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A 4-month certification for coaches, therapists, and other human services providers who are ready to infuse their work with the power of energy medicine. 

Many service providers who help people work through patterns of behavior and thought, wind up with clients in the same place: stuck between awareness and action. Regardless of coaching or therapy modality, cognitive understanding of an issue does not change a person's somatic experience. 


An energetic shift is required to move from being aware of desired outcomes to embodying them and energy medicine can provide that. Making more effective any strategy the service provider uses.

Energy medicine helps clients make energetic shifts needed to create momentum around change. With the use of techniques taught in this certification, the practitioner will be able to identify where feelings are stuck in the body and move them with simple, effective, scientific strategies.

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This certification includes 3 foundational energy medicine techniques that can be utilized in session with clients as well as be taught for clients to use on their own. These techniques are useful in working through common core issues such as:


  • Anxiety and worry

  • Unhelpful beliefs and conditioning

  • Fear of abandonment and rejection

  • Feelings of unworthiness


Your certification program includes:


  • 16 weekly online classes

  • Replays available to fit your schedule

  • Practice client opportunities

  • Hands-on training in 3 foundational energy medicine techniques

  • Overview of working with the classical Chinese 5 Elements

  • Protocols and techniques to use and share with your clients

  • Official certification on completion.


Energy medicine is an increasingly sought-after service as more people become aware of its effectiveness in creating actionable change. Making this edition to your therapeutic services an asset in both client outcomes and in revenue. Classes start spring of 2023 and spots are limited. 


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