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It was Never Yours to Carry
Does this Brain Make My Butt Look Big?
Brain Integration for the Collective

Are you carrying some extra baggage home for the holidays this year?

This time of year can easily trigger emotional trauma and anxiety, especially around family.  

  In this workshop, we will be addressing where anxiety comes from and how to make long-lasting changes for ourselves and for the collective unconscious.  

This is a small group of only 8 participants and we will be having group healing sessions each MONDAY starting 11/25 from 6-7:30pm.  Participants will also be receiving ongoing Quantum Feedback and a customized toolbox including infused essential oils specifically calibrated to the individual need.

Investment $99

Are you ready to finally release the weight and live a vibrant and healthy life?

This workshop focuses on the unconscious reasons why we gain and hold on to weight and how we can focus our brain waves and intentions to finally make the long-lasting changes we have been craving.  Let's get to the core it!

The workshop includes 8 weeks of group healing sessions, 1 free Quantum Biofeedback session, individualized weight release plans, and a customized toolkit to help support the change.

Kickoff is January 13th at 6pm and then weekly beginning January 27-March 2nd. 

Investment $299 

Is stress getting the better of you?  Are you feeling like you can't remember as easily or that you are scattered and disorganized?  

This workshop focuses on the gthe ability for our brains to stay integrated and synchronized and addresses the root causes of stress and it's effects on the mind and body.  

The workshop includes 8 weeks of group healing sessions, 1 free Quantum Biofeedback support, and an individualized toolkit to help you manage your stress levels, stay on task and get focused.

Kickoff is January 15th at 9:30-11 am and will run weekly through March 4th.  

Investment $299


Watch this video on group healing sessions now!

Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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