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Think:  Brain Integration & Cognitive Enhancement

Everyone can use a little more access to cognitive function and a little less emotional reactivity.  Or a lot... This program dives deep into brain anatomy and physiology to optimize our cognitive abilities, emotional reactivity, memory, and mental clarity.  

Align: 5 Element Harmonization

The Chinese 5 Elements govern our entire energtic system and control the flow of chi.  Blocked chi can create physical illness, fatigue, immune issues, cognitive decline, emotional imbalances, well, in general it affects everything.  Harmonizing this flow is a good way to prevent illness and pain, help us to feel more grounded and focused and feel more vital!

Ground: Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation

Stress is the number one underlying factor of almost all disease and cognitive imbalances.  Our culture tends to lead us into high levels of stress and anxiety.  This session helps to harmonize many areas of the brain and endocrine system involved in stress pathways allowing us to feel a deeper sense of peace and relaxation in our daily lives.  

Uplift: Depression Release

Depression can be one of the hardest of neurological diseases to work with because it creates such a void in our desire to change.  The effort can literally be painful.  Quantum Biofeedback offers great promise in this area because it can remotely help to harmonize brain areas, pathways, hormones and neurotransmitters without the client having to leave the comfort of their home.  This allows healing to take place and the client begins to feel more vibrant and engaged which then may instigate more motivation to change other areas that may need support.

Deep Sleep

Who doesn't need better sleep?  If there is just one thing that we can do for overall better health it is to get better sleep.  Neurologically, sleep pathways are some of the most complicated and there are many different ways they can be affected including environment, hormones, food sensitivities and more.   This session will help to harmonize these frequencies and allow deep restful sleep.   

Relief:  Pain Release

Pain is quickly becoming one of the most common complaints in our culture.  This session harmonizing session focuses on both short and long term pain pathways and the underlying factors that may be involved in the expression of your pain.  

Shine:  Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Program

Ladies, enough said...But more importantly, the aging process can also be involved in illness and dysfunction.  This session is meant to help heal these pathways and keep us our youngest, most vibrant selves.  

Peace:  Inflammation Reduction Program

Inflammation is the root of most disease.  This harmonizing session will focus on a blend of frequencies that when out of balance and create disruptions in many other areas and create symptoms like pain, memory loss, and gut dysfunction.

Alive:  Weight Loss and Supercharged Metabolism

Weight loss is one of the highest priorities in many people's overall wellness plans and yet, it can be one of the most difficult to achieve.  As a culture, we tend to focus on the physical side of weight loss including fad food diets and exercise but weight management also involves quite a bit of energetic balance.  We are often sabotaged by our neurology and our deep brain stem emotions, core beliefs, and perceptions of who we are and what we are worth.  This harmonizing session focuses on helping to balance many of these core issues to help create the environment for long term weight loss success.  

Attract:  Money Magnetizing Program

Manifestation is often blocked by core beliefs, thoughts and perceptions.  This program is designed to help harmonize these brain stem emotions that might be keeping us from achieving our financial abundance.  

Be Well:  Cold and Flu Harmonization

Getting sick?  This is quick way to either help support the infection you already have, or to be proactive in keeping the energy clear from getting sick.  

Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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