5 Step Strategy for Stress

I am completely stress free so this post doesn't apply to me...said no one...ever! We are all stressed. We stress about work, family, school, we even stress about vacation! And right now in our world, COVID has us on high alert, all of the time! We haven't even begun to think about the long term effects of the stress that this has caused on our health or the potential environment it is creating that might affect our gene expression. So, I have put together a quick 5 step strategy for you to do daily to reduce stress overall.

  1. Meditate. I could site thousands of research papers on the effects of meditation on stress levels, and yet most of us still don't do it. So do it. If you think you don't have time to meditate for 10 minutes, you need to meditate for 20...You don't need any fancy tools, although they can be helpful, you just need to focus on your breath. It helps to listen to guided meditations until you get the hang of it. You can find thousands for free on YouTube!

  2. Breathe. Really? Laura, breathe?? Yes, again, I could sight thousands of research papers on deep breathing exercises and stress levels and yet, most people do not have a daily practice of checking in with their breath, and deepening it, several times a day. In the world of fitbits, this is a no brainer, set a damn timer for every 2 hours and take 5 deep breaths. Done, that easy. HUGE results, and it is completely free until someone figures out how to charge us for air...

  3. Forgive. Ok, this one is a bit harder, I admit. BUT research has shown that forgiveness is the key to "light heartedness" and "heavy hearts" lead to illness. Everyday, chose one person or situation to actively forgive. To do this, sit quietly for a few moments and breath deeply. Connect to earth energy and the frequency of pure compassion. Feel that energy move up through the base of your spine into your heart space. Feel it wrap all the way around you. Bring your attention to a person or situation that makes you feel sad, hurt or angry. Now, say all of the things you need to say to this person. This is the time to vent, so let them have it if you need too! Once you have said everything, connect back to that higher state of compassion. From a place of understanding that hurt people hurt people, can you see that person at a time in their life when they were hurt which triggered their pattern of hurting you? Wrap them in compassion from your higher self which sees through the illusion of separateness. Say the following phrase, "I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I am grateful." These are the four phrases of Ho'oponopono which is a Hawaiian technique for forgiveness. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT about forgiving someone for something horrible!!! Take a second and recognize the following, forgiveness doesn't condone the action, it releases you from being tied to it. This is not about allowing horrible things happen, it is about your ability to connect to your higher self and move forward, taking back your control in the situation! If you need more support in forgiveness work, email me, this has been a huge part of my own work and I am happy to share more!

  4. Use the Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose every day. Rock Rose helps us to release fear and panic and reactivates courage to persevere and trust in the perfection of the Universe.

  5. Use affirmations. Many of my clients complain that affirmations do not work for them. Here is the trick. What fires together wires together. That means if you think the same thought over and over it will eventually create a very fast and efficient pathway to reinforce it. This is called neural binding. So we can use this super power for good. Every time you are feeling stressed, stop, take a deep breath, acknowledge the stress or the negative thought your were thinking, and then state the new thought or positive affirmation that you want to replace that thought. Every time you do this, you are creating a new neural pathway. Over time, there is a tipping point where your brain will chose the new pathway over the old. The trick here is to be consistent and vigilant with your thoughts! Affirmations do work, but they take time and effort. So commit to just one thought your would like to change at a time. Fully commit! The more you do this, the easier it gets and the more affirmations will work for you.

  6. I know I said 5 but here is a little secret extra tip. Take 30 seconds to "energize" your food and water before you ingest it. Water hold memory and takes on the shape of the environment it is begin exposed to. Thoughts create our environment. Dr. Emoto's work shows that when we expose water to words like love and gratitude that the water molecules take on a beautiful vibration shape, but when exposed to negative words like anger and hate the molecules get grungy and broken. We are 70% water. What environment do you want to expose yourself to on a daily basis? Put a little love in that water before you drink, put a little gratitude in that food before you eat. You are literally changing the structure of what you are ingesting!

Remember, we are just a big ball of frequencies interacting with a world of frequencies. The frequencies you expose yourself to matter!


Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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