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Have you met your most WILD and authentic self?

I don't know about y'all (well, I kind of do know...) but April was a bit of a doozy for most of us. A little backlash of our shadow work really showed us some of the deeper places where we needed to shine some light and release what no longer serves us. The Luminary season (Wood/Spring) is in full bloom (that's very puny), and with that we are ready to really root down into our purpose, our gifts, who we are here to be (not necessarily what we are here to do) and shine our big ass light in the world. During the Aries season, we were really working with the archetypes that align us with our deepest Self as individuals and how bringing our special sauce is how we serve the whole. Taurus season asks us to plant those dreams in the earth and devote ourselves to them.

What would it take for you to BE your most wild and authentic self? What steps would you take to put that into action?

What thoughts or beliefs might hold you back?

What are you afraid of?

In the personal growth realm, we tend to hear a lot about putting dreams into action, quitting jobs and following your path, taking the leap of faith etc...But because as a culture we confuse so much of who we ARE with what we DO, this can seem like these bold actions steps are career oriented. And sometimes they are! But sometimes, becoming your most WILDY authentic self has nothing to do with a career change. It can be about just aligning fully with YOU and living that out, everywhere you go and with everyone you interact with. Often, this is the first step, to just start living that truth right now, before anything in your outer life begins to change or shift. I starts with you, your ability to connect to your true inner wisdom and higher guidance and then live from that place no matter what the "story" around is.

That is why I love this quote from Mary Oliver so much, for me when I am living in alignment with my true nature, I sing and sing and sing. I sing while I clean, I sing while I drive, I sing out what I am doing like I live in a live modern day opera. This tells me my "littles" (my core wounds that set in during my early years) are feeling safe and held and I can just be me. When I move through world from this place, everything feels easier, more in flow, and joyful, which is my purpose according to my design.

If you are looking at your chart and wondering where to find this for yourself, look to your Unconscious Earth. This is the energy that stabilizes your whole chart, your whole self.

How does the gift of this gate show itself in your life?

How does it feel when you align with this gate?

Where do you feel that in your body?

What takes you out of that state and into the imbalanced expression?

What tools do you have that can bring you back?

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