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If you felt like you were good enough, what talent would you bring to the world?

This full moon brings us the opportunity to look at the vibrations of both Pisces and Virgo. Full moon energy helps bring that light to our shadow sides, reveal what needs to be revealed, and heal what needs to be healed.

Pisces is a Water sign, it is formless and chaotic. When we are in our water, we are able to be still and observe. We are able to be in our flow, the true energy of the Creator. This is our expansive, infinite energy.

Our Virgo energy is rooted in the Goddess of Earth and brings form, function, and order. This is where we root down deep, embody our inner wisdom, and act in specific and intentional ways. As the Guardian, our earth energy invites us to get our feet in the soil, and to tend to our true nature, weeding out old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us.

The shadow energy of Pisces is working where we are uncomfortable or unwilling to be still because we fear what we might find there. It can lead us to try to escape. We all escape in different ways from drugs to Netflix. Because of the watery nature of Pisces, we might also find ourselves working with boundaries. In its lower vibration, Pisces energy has no boundaries and we can lose ourselves in others or find ourselves in codependent relationships. To heal this energy, we need to step back and look at where we are trying to escape, where we are looking for someone else to define who we are, and to ask ourselves "Who am I and who am I not?"

The Virgo energy asks us to look at where we might have become too boundaried. Where is the soil packed too tightly and there is no room to allow our inner truth to blossom and grow? Where we might be stuck for fear of not being enough, which can lead us to a fear of being seen. When we are afraid we are not enough, we will create sabotage patterns that keep us from moving forward. But our Virgo energy at its fullest expression wants us to bring our Soul song and our true talents, in service to the whole of the universe. To heal this energy, we must be willing to look at where we do not believe that our purpose, our talent, and our truth are worthy of sharing. We must release the narrative around self-worth and take specific action toward our true expression.

When we work with the higher vibrations of these Alchetypes, we are mixing our Earth and our Water. Here we allow enough water into the soil to attune us to our true selves, and our infinite potential and unleash our full creative power. Here we KNOW ourselves deeply, we know who we are and what we are here to share, and we can easily and openly step into the worth and confidence necessary to share our truth with the world.

Journaling questions for this moon cycle:

What old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve me are present currently?

Where are my boundaries too loose or too tight?

Where am I allowing others’ voices to define me?

Where do I feel unable to share my most authentic self-expression?

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