Right now, a lot of us are thinking about the idea of “what is mine to do”. We are watching protests around the world, we are deepening our understanding, we may even be looking at our own racism for the first time. There is a deep awakening happening for many people. And for others, there is the slapping of foreheads and wailing, “I have been trying to get you to see this for years”. But beliefs and perceptions can blind the senses, and we see only what we want to see. We are being asked to look right now, with clear vision, at the world around us. This is the world that we are creating. The good, the bad and the brutiful (one of my new favorite sayings). And so like many of you, I have been sitting with my own guilt around white privilege, my heartache for the state of the nation, my shame around not doing enough, and my deepest calling. What is mine to do?

I talked last week about using this time to lean in and listen deeply. To open conversations and then really hear the perspectives of those around you. To align our words and actions with our highest self. And then this morning, my sister sent me a word, Imbutu. Rhonda Magee speaks about this word and it’s meaning at the Wisdom 2.0 conference and I will share that video but for now, I want to focus on the word. Every once in a while, a word meanders into our lives like a sweet note from some else’s radio outside. It floats in and it could go completely unnoticed unless we choose to hear it. This word arrived like that for me today. A sweet sound that caught my attention and made me put down what I was doing and honor it. Imbutu. This word comes to us from the Ngini Bandu lineage and loosely translated means “humanity”. But if we lean in closer and listen a little deeper, we hear the word tell us its truer meaning. It means “Because you are, I am, and because I am you are”. It means understanding that we are nothing without being all things and all things are nothing without us. It is the “all oneness”. It is the collapsed human experience of “consciousness”. And it is a deep, wild, vibrational reminder that we are called to something greater than ourselves. We are called to community. We are called connection. We cannot exist without them and they cannot exist without us. For me, this guttural vibration shook free a little thought I had been storing in a quiet pocket somewhere deep in the cave of my belly. This thought has been smoldering and the smoke has been slowly gliding around my intuition, and the corners of my true self, waiting for the perfect moment to fully ignite. And then like a spell cast into the universe the word stumbles into my existence and instantly connects me to that deep calling. Imbutu.

For the last few months I have been stumbling around trying to communicate why I want to focus on group healing. Trying to convince other people that they want to participate in group healing. Virtually screaming, “this is it! And this is only it!”. We must work together. We must connect. Every spiritual tradition tells us that to heal we must do it together. And in doing so, the power of that healing is amplified. We have the tools we need to help to heal humanity, because they are not separate from us, they ARE us. And when we recognize that quite literally we cannot exist without connection and community, then we are awakening to the illusion of separatism, and we are called to honor that with the action of coming together, holding space and leaning in. And then we must do what’s ours to do. Mine is to bring groups together to help them heal. Maybe it's to bridge the entitlement gap between complimentary medicine and underserved communities. Maybe it is for brain integration, maybe anxiety, detox, weight release, however the troubles of the human suffering are showing up in our lives, we can come together and help each other, hold each other and heal each other, both for ourselves AND for the collective.


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