It's a group thing, it's a group thing, yeah yeah!

I know many of you have wondered why I began doing group healing work and when my passion shifted in this direction. It began in synchronicity as all things do. I happened to be reading Lynne McTaggart's book, The Power of 8, and really sitting with the research that she presents around group intention work. I was not really looking at how to put it into practice myself yet, but it had created a niggle that maybe my doctoral research would be in this field in some way, but the questions hadn’t formed completely. Until one day I was listening to a training on my Quantum Biofeedback App and a woman was talking about how she had used hers to help raise the vibration of her group, clear any blocks around abundance, and help to fill her workshop with the right clients. The idea of running the Quantum Biofeedback on my group had not dawned on me before but I began to really sit with the questions that followed. When you are running it on the group, is it just that group? Or are you accessing the collective unconscious? If you are accessing the collective unconscious, is there potential to help heal deep, old patterns like anxiety, depression, and generational trauma? How many people would it take to focus their intentions on that kind of healing to make a major shift for humanity? Could we come together with the intention of healing these patterns and truly raise the vibration of humanity?

Many questions emerged and continue to bubble up to the surface. The more I sat with them, the more I began to really feel like this aligned with my higher purpose. To really help to heal the whole. And so I began to use the techniques from the Power of 8 book to create groups and focus on clear intentions for healing ourselves and others. I encourage everyone to read this book and form their own groups! Humans are incredibly powerful when we move past our individual needs and focus on the needs of the whole. Spontaneous healings happen and true miracles occur. I have seen it in my own work, and Lynn certainly saw it in hers. It is why I created the group healing forum FOR THE COLLECTIVE and continue to create group opportunities. There has never been a better time in history for us to focus on helping each other by looking deeply at our own patterns and then coming together in community to heal the whole.


Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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