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The 5 Bodies of Consciousness

If you have been following me for a while then you might have heard me talk about the 5 Bodies of Consciousness and how they relate to healing. For those of you that are new, or as just a quick reminder to all of us, I wanted to share them again, because they are so foundational to holistic wellness, healing, and they are the key to true transformation.

In our Western, logic forward, culture, we tend to focus on science, and therefore healing, from a materialistic perspective. Meaning, our medical sciences are traditionally based in the what we can study physically with our senses. If we can see, hear, taste, smell, touch it, then we can study it. We tend to disregard the energetic realm all together. The truth is, as human beings, we are a triad of physical matter, chemistry, and electricity. So understanding and incorporating ways to address the electrical system as well as the physical and chemical systems, can help us heal on a holistic level.

There are many ways to describe the energetic structures of the human body. I learned about this particular model in my classes with Dr. Paul Drouin of Quantum University and Dr. Amit Goswami. The 5 Bodies of Conciousness helps us to see how this energy is structured so that we can heal our “dis-ease” on all levels. What happens on one level or in one body of consciousness, will be happening in the others as well. They are entangled. This is the basis of the Mind-Body connection. What we think, believe, and perceive, will directly effect our neurochemistry and our e-motions (energy in motion). How we think and emote, will generate feelings in the body and ultimately affect our physiology. So let’s break them down and take a closer look....

The 5 Bodies of Consciousness

1. The Bliss Body-In quantum physics, we now know that there is an energetic field that is the fabric of our reality. It is the energy that exists when no other energy is present. We call this the Bliss Body, it is the energy of the oneness of all things, or pure consciousness.

2. The Supramental Body- The energetics of our intuition and creativity. Consists of our personality charts, astrological information, our akashic records, cultural, and familial belief systems. This is the information we bring with us into this world and creates the filter in which we view the world.

3. The Mental Body- Governed by the Bliss and Supramental body, this is the area of the mind and our thoughts. Our beliefs, perceptions, and personality traits from the supramental level, govern how think and make sense of our reality.

4. The Vital Body-Governed by the higher levels and consists of our energetic structures like the meridians and chakras. When we think, this creates e-motion or energy in motion. That emotion happens in the vital body. This is also the realm of our morphogenetic blueprint (Rupert Sheldrake) which is a map to the physical body.

5. The Physical Body-The the densest energy of all of the energetic levels, this is where we finally have physical matter. Here, what we believe, think, and emote become feelings. Our physical bodies are quite literally just the physical representation of what is happening in the rest of our energetic systems.

We tend to want to put things into linear structures, but it is really important to know that these are happening all at the same time, they are different vibrational frequencies of who we are. We can’t be separate from any of them and they are not separate from each other. So to create true alchemy, true transformation, we must work with all of them, together. Fortunately, you have me and I know how to do that!

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