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When the Government deemed me non-essential…

When you have as many certifications as I do, it can be hard to answer the question, “What do you do?”. I could answer that I am an Energetic Kinesiologist, or an Applied Neurologist, or a Brain Health Professional. I could also answer that I am a licensed Saraswati Healing Professional. But none of those really cover what I actually “do” with people, or the depth of the transformation it can create in their lives. Most people just glaze over anyway when I don’t answer something that they understand like a lawyer or an artist.

So in 2020, I found myself in a situation (let’s call it… oh I don’t know, a global pandemic) in which I had to do a hard pivot with my work. Up until then, I had been happily seeing people in person doing Brain Integration. But when the government deemed me “non-essential”, I ended up in a deep dive that took me WAY beyond what I “do” as a career. We will glaze over the part where I might have had a metaphysical breakdown about my work not being essential (and therefore not very valued, um, hello childhood wounds??) and move right on. The truth is, I had to look at my WHOLE life and ask myself not “what do I do” but “what do I really want”.

Now, asking that kind of question in your life is going to open a whole can of worms if you are brave enough to ask it. And I am not saying I was. It’s just that I had too. When I truly began to look at all of the aspects of my life, I realized that “what I do” and “who I am” are pretty entangled. I couldn’t really separate them out from each other. Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about knowing the difference between who you are and what you do. I remember thinking that my Mom, who is a teacher, was a perfect example of someone who couldn’t really separate those two things. Her whole identity was wrapped up in teaching (I think this is pretty common amongst teachers…) So in trying to unpack my own entanglement I had some deep AHA moments about myself. First, that who I am is a being of love and light, but what I DO is to bring that connection to my higher self in service to help with healing and personal growth for others and for all of humanity.

And from that realization I began to really see that this is what alignment means. When we are in “alignment” we are living our life purpose, and therefore, our career and what we do is an extension of who we are. I knew this in my mind, but during this process, it clicked in that deep knowing, embodied way. Of course, my next question was “well Laura, what gets in the way of that?” And that has been the last two years of my life. Looking at all of the ways in which my conditioning, my core beliefs, my perceptions and my fears get in the way of me living a life that is fully aligned on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

I found myself building an online career based on helping other humans with these same questions. I discovered that doing this work is transformative. When we look at how our thoughts, our emotions, and our core beliefs, conditioning, and fears create fundamental filters that we see the world through, then we create the space to bring the unconscious to the conscious. This is the quantum creativity of the AHA moment and when true healing happens. This is how we shift our perspective so completely that the whole world reorganizes around the new “vision”.

I call this the Rewilding process. Which is the process of letting go of our shit (which is not as easy as a LOT of personal and spiritual growth makes it sound), reclaiming our power (again, this takes time to see ALL of the places where we have given it away or we are hiding it from ourselves in order to remain safe). But if we are brave enough to face this alchemical process, and continue to honor our truth no matter how uncomfortable that makes us (and others) feel, then the reward is a life that is full of alignment, authenticity, vital energy, and well, magic.

Laura x

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