The brighter side of this crazy time

We have never in the history of human civilization, lived through a time like this. Since the dawn of man, we have never had a moment like this to slow down and observe our way of living and our impact. We have an opportunity right now to be still and to truly choose what we want next. We could come out of this and go right back to the old ways of rushing and doing and being completely self absorbed. Or we can emerge from this time with a deeper connection to what is important. More compassion for our neighbors, more connection to the earth, and a for a sure a greater appreciation for our family (if you haven't killed them all yet).

This time has been busy! We suddenly needed to be able to take our healing modalities and one on one work and make them available through tele-wellness (which is the fancy word for Zoom). We needed to create education pieces on how remote healing works to help those of us who need a gentle nudge sometimes out of their skepticism. We needed to create new ways of working and new options and we have even been building the new website. There wasn't a lot of down time. And, I am excited about where this time has taken us! We are now fully capable of working with clients anywhere in the world, and we are doing that! We have created more efficient and more affordable complimentary health care plans which help us to bridge the gap for a "cash only" industry. We have upcoming trainings, and group programs. We were able to make the pivot and not only did we survive it, I believe we have new infrastructures that will allow us to thrive and grow in the future!

I am so grateful for this time. It always feels a little dangerous to say that out loud. But I really am. I have had more meditation time, Pat and I have hiked several times a week, I have spent good quality time with my kids, one of which could possibly be leaving in a few months for college (if they go). We have done puzzles, I have even colored some of those crazy mandalas that I used to look at and say "who has time for that?" And I have worked, I have tried new programs, written new trainings, had sessions with clients. I would like to say I have spent more time studying but I didn't. Oh well. From this new place that just all seems exactly right. I am truly loving it. I can still hold space for all of the anxiety and the grief and I do! But this time has really helped me to make some clear decisions about what I want next and how I want to show up when we go back to our new "AB-normal" (as my friend and coach Tom Boots says).

I would love to hear how this time has affected you. Send me your stories. Or post them on our facebook page. What have you been doing? How has this time changed how you might choose to show in the world?


Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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