The cusp...

We have a running joke about the cusp in our house. For years, Pat and I have "struggled" to make it all work. We are both entrepreneurs, which any good business book will tell you not to have 2 of those in your families financial system at any given time... But we have been blessed with living and unseen angels that have guided us and supported us along the way. We have managed to build and breakdown our businesses several times. I have joked that we are like "doozers" from Fraggle Rock, just building and rebuilding, pivoting and realigning. All along the way, we have had spiritual teachers, mentors, guides, psychics and mediums tell us "you are almost there! " We loving call this place "the cusp". This place where we have been metaphorically pushing the rock up the mountain and we are getting ready to release into the downhill on the other side. There is a certain energy in this place. The air thins, the silence is bone chilling and the excitement of potential and possibility vibrates in the landscape around you. There is a stillness here that can't be found anywhere else in your known universe. An opportunity for your past to touch your future. Where for just one moment before you push the proverbial ball down the other side, you breath and take it all in. There is gratitude, relief, grief and excitement. I have come to understand this place as what we refer to as the present, the now, moment.

If you haven't ever seen Spaceballs, I highly recommend it, it is one of my favorite movies and that probably tells you a lot about me in general, but my favorite scene is the scene where they watch the video of the movie and try to figure out what is going to happen in the future by watching the video of the movie, now.

I am still giggling...This is the best example of what I can think of for what the "cusp" feels likes. The English major in me needs to note the classic use of the scene within the scene within the scene here. Because, that is the present moment. It is all being reflected again and again and again. It literally represents the hologram of now. I try to align my life with the scene of "now", first because it is literally the only moment happening ever. The rest is either a memory or a projection. And because now should be filled with awe and humor. There is a deep understand of all that is when we align ourselves with "the cusp". For so many years, I found myself trying to get past it. As if pushing past the cusp would glorify my achievement in some way. Now, I find myself striving to stay in it. I imagine (because I am not surfer) that this is what it feels like to surf "that" wave. A sense of focus, oneness, exhilaration and fear all tangled into the sound of the ocean and your breath, (insert big cheesy quote) quite literally riding the cusp of the wave. We wake up everyday and have a choice. We can look at our schedule and sigh and feel the heaviness of what lies ahead of us. Or we, can sit in the cusp of the day between sleeping and doing and find our selves in the stillness of being, align ourselves with the frequency of all and wrap our todo list in joy and appreciation. Every moment in a cusp moment, (brace yourself for the next cheesy ending quote), there is no other moment but the now (ta-da)!!


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