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The expression “Brace Yourself” comes to mind…

This week will have some intense and powerful archetypal energy with lots of focus on new beginnings which can hold both the excitement of new potential and the fear around releasing the old.

So I want to start by talking about the Gate/Hexagram we are transiting into this week. This week we enter Gate 3. In the I Ching, this hexagram is known as “Difficulty at the Beginning” and works with the energy of Water and Fire. This Gate is an evolutionary gate and asks us to look at how fear, especially the fear of moving forward into something new, might cause us to hold onto old patterns or want to revert to old ways of doing things. This fear of the unknown comes from deep-rooted beliefs that we are essentially singular in nature. This is the foundation for much of our religious and scientific teachings. In many religions, there is a separation between who we are as humans, our Souls, and our connection to Source or God. Much of our current scientific thinking still roots in Newtonian, mechanistic, sciences, and the idea that truth in science comes from studying the singular parts. The fear in both of these human constructs is ultimately the fear of chaos, the fear of the unknown.

But with the quantum revelations of the last century from scientists like Einstein and Tesla, we introduced the concept of connectivity into the scientific realm. In biology, this shifted us from the common belief that the brain of the cell is the nucleus, which holds the DNA, which determines the function of the cell, to the new understanding that the cell is actually governed by the cell membrane which is in constant interaction with its environment which determines the expression of its DNA. This is the basis for the new understanding that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and perceptions create our environment, and it is this environment that controls the expression of our DNA.

This shift in understanding is helping us to evolve from our self-centeredness and fear of the unknown, into the energy of cooperation and connectedness. This is the essence of the gift of this Gate, which is the gift of Innovation. This is our ability to stand at the edge of the unknown with curiosity and playfulness. To center ourselves in our Water, the deep infinity of our potential, the great Oneness of all things and to trust deeply in our connection to Source and through this Source, connection to all that is, and to summon the Fire necessary to create change, the courage to innovate, to see something new, to use the power of our imagination to visualize what could be. Together with its programming partner, Gate 50, we can take the best of what we have learned and co-create our future based on what has worked in the past, releasing what hasn’t, and changing the narrative around who we are as individuals and as collective.

At its highest expression, this Gate calls us back to the innocence of childhood, the pure joy and wonder at the unknown, and our ability to stay curious and playful. It reminds us not to take life so seriously, to release control and the need to know and to fully trust in Divine timing, that we will know what we need to know when we need to know it. In this space, we see our humanity as the vessel needed to experience the Divine and that we are here to be in co-creation and playfulness with it, not to master it. This energy encourages us to explore the edges of the known, to align with our Soul purpose, and know that we are here to innovate, to re-imagine the world and how we navigate it. To trust that we are meant to create change and all we have to do is be playful and curious and trust that we will know when it is time to share what we are creating. In this way, we open the heart center and allow for magic and wonder. We trust in our connection and allow that connection to shape our environment, which then guides and unlocks the hidden potential in our DNA, the highest expression of Self.

This energy on its own can be an intense Gate to transit, but we will also have a Hybrid Solar Eclipse that will amplify it later this week. So it is important to start off by working with this Gate for yourself and getting clear on how you resonate with it.


  1. How do I let the stress of the winds of change (or in this case storm) prevent me from gaining true perspective? Am I able to observe the change coming, get grounded in my connection to Source, and gather the resources I need to weather the storm? Or do I panic and grasp at solutions or old patterns/behaviors?

  2. Do I feel pressure to respond to change? Do I see change as a problem that needs solving? Or do I trust in a higher perspective that although change can be difficult, it is necessary and good?

  3. Can I stay connected to my higher self, my creativity, and my curiosity to “see” the solution when the timing is right and not be always trying to “figure it out” or “understand” what is happening?

  4. Do I trust in Divine timing? That I will know what I need to know when I need to know it?

  5. Do I trust that I am completely provided for?

  6. Do I trust that I have been given a unique Genius and that I will know exactly when to share my Genius with the world?

  7. Am I willing to ask for help and support?

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