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The Forest Has The Answers...

When we think of wood, we often think of trees and their incredible ability to root deeply into the earth and to reach tall into the heavens and dance in the breeze. Wood is the tree, the roots, the trunk and the branches, and it is also a resource we can use and the kindling for our fire. This is the release of the coiled energy it takes to break through winter, shooting upwards towards the sky, as well as the energy needed to root downward and stabilize. It is the energy of new beginnings, the ability to see our way, the stable quality of inner knowing that keeps us firmly on the path. Here we plan, organize, motivate, and reach forward into our future while staying firmly rooted in the present moment and our truth.

It is in our Wood energy that we know our inner journey, our true Soul purpose, and we align our lives with it. We have the audacity to follow those dreams and visions, and the organization and leadership to GET SHIT DONE! But this energy can easily get out of balance...

Let’s play a little game of Never Have I Ever (G rated version…)

  • Never have I ever stayed at a job I didn’t like because I was afraid of what to do next and what it would take to make it happen?

  • Never have I ever done things I hated to make money?

  • Never have I ever tried to control when things would happen in my life only to be served a big ol spoonful of “not right now bitch!”.

How many times did you have to drink?? Right?!?! We have all done these things. Because our culture really loves to tell us to stay in line, follow the status quo, do as you're told, climb the ladder, achieve achieve achieve, maximize your potential, achieve some more, make perfect grades, be ashamed if you don’t. Trust your logic, not your gut, value logic over instinct, value doing over being, push push push push push push push push push!

And if you do ALL of that, you will probably make it to middle management somewhere!! And if you are somehow chosen to rise even higher than that it will be at the cost of any self-nurturing, you will have to sacrifice EVERYTHING to keep it. This is Wood energy with no checks and balances.

Whether or not you start your own business or dare to be different inside your company culture, or show up as your most authentic self in relationships, it takes COURAGE to go against our conditioning! But here is the thing, if you are frustrated, angry or even rageful about how events are unfolding in your life, there is a good chance the universe is trying to tell you that something is out of alignment. We are conditioned to believe that our logical brain is more important than our deeper knowing, our deeper intuition. Our entire culture is set up to support left brained people and left brained doing. But we have another whole half of the brain that is here to help us find alignment and guide us along our path. Allowing the logical brain to serve this deeper knowing is part of our journey and I'll be exploring this more with you as you join me on this discovery. Laura x

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