The Quarantine 15

What happens when you add endless amounts of time to eat with incredible stress? The quarantine 15! This is different than your freshman 15 which might have been accumulated through food from a vending machine and tequila shots (ahhh...those were the days...). No, the quarantine 15 was accumulated by broken routines, access to food all day long and an epidemic worth of stress! I have had many clients asking about how to lose the weight.

To lose weight, we might first want to change what we say. Words have power after all. Around here, we like to use the words "weight release". This puts us in the vibration of letting it go instead of losing it and subsequently on a hunt to find it again.

Next, we need to understand that weight is more than just physical. Most "diets" and research out there on weight focus on the physical plane, like nutrition, calories, hormones, exercise etc...If we are lucky, we find one that briefly mentions emotions and even some that might talk about mindset. The subconscious social belief is "eat well, exercise hard=weight loss". And then we do that and we fail so we try a new plan and we eat what that tells us to eat and we fail, so we try a clinic and we fail. And the vicious cycle goes on and on.

From a quantum medicine perspective, to heal any dis-ease, we look at ALL of the ways that the disease shows up using the 5 Bodies of Consciousness. Many of you have heard me talk about this before but in case you have not, here is a quick run down. The 5 Bodies of Consciousness are:

The Bliss Body-the energetic oneness of all things, pure consciousness

The Supramental Body-the energetics of our intuition and creativity. Consists of our personality charts, astrological information, our akashic records, cultural and familial belief systems. This is information we come into this world with and creates the filter in which we view the world.

The Mental Body-governed by the Bliss and Supramental body, this is the area of the mind and our thoughts. Our beliefs, perceptions and personality traits from the supramental level, govern how think about our reality.

The Vital Body-governed by the higher levels and consists of our energetic structures like the meridians and chakras. When we think, this creates e-motion or energy in motion. That emotion happens in the vital body. This is also the realm of our morphogenetic blueprint (Rupert Sheldrake) which is a map to the physical body.

The Physical Body-the densest energy of all of the energetic levels, this is where we finally have physical matter. Here, what we believe, think and emote become feelings. Our physical bodies are quite literally just the physical representation of what is happen in the rest of our energetic systems.

So you can see, if we focus on just the physical realm of fat, hormones, exercise and food, we are only addressing our issue from the symptom and not on all of the levels where we are actually gaining or releasing weight. In this structure, there is only downward causation, meaning if we "correct" something in one level, it will directly impact all of the levels "below" it. So if we work with mental thought patterns, that will change the brain chemistry, which will change the e-motion and how energy is moving in the vital body, which will in turn change the feelings, protein production and expression of DNA at the physical level. We don't have the reverse of upward causation. We can't change something at the physical level and have it change the other levels directly. The only way to do this is to have a healing moment, or A-Ha moment where we jump from one level up the higher level where the issue began and then downward causation occurs.

When we look at weight then, we need to look at nutrition, exercise, hormones, etc...But even more importantly, we need to look at how we think both consciously and unconsciously, what are family and social beliefs are around food, how different personality traits play into it, how the energy is moving in our vital bodies etc... When we look at the whole picture than we can create a plan designed to release the weight on all of these levels and finally we can have long term success, because we address the issue fully. This is why I created the online Does This Brain Make My Butt Look Big course. Throughout the 10 week class, participants will be given the information they need to help address weight release on all of the energetic levels. The new mantra is "weight release is happening in my beliefs, my thoughts, my emotions and my body now"! Doesn't that feel so much better than "I am trying to lose 15 pounds"???

If you are interested in learning more please feel free to email us! Or if you are ready to get on with it, register now!

This is a 10 week, self guided online class with weekly group Quantum Biofeedback sessions. Do more than just lose the weight, release it for good!


Quantum Integrative Wellness is a stress management system.  It is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. 

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