We Are The Ones

A theme has been showing up with my individual clients and my groups lately that I feel like I should share. The throat chakra and the Earth Element seem to be in need of some attention. The throat chakra governs our ability to speak our truth and to hear others. The Earth Element represents our ability to know ourselves, feel empowered, connected, and nurtured as well as hold others. Around the world but particularly in the US, you might be feeling a real pull right now to speak truth as we are facing some very out of balance energies but we must remember the throat chakra is also about listening, its about leaning in, its about asking "Tell me more". When we jump up to speak our own truth, we might have the unintended consequence of speaking over someone else. The only way for this to rebalance is to see through the illusion of fear. There is quite obviously the fear of not being heard, the fear of not being or doing enough, the fear of being misunderstood. But right now, we also need to see the ancestral fears that have been programmed around race, gender, and in general this boils down to fearing the unkown. We must awaken to our highest selves and speak love and truth into the world. It is important not to fall prey to this fear and find yourself wrapped up in judgements. It can be very hard to not blame someone or some situation. Our challenge is to hold space that none of it is separate, no one is separate, we are all things! What we do onto others, we literally do unto ourselves as there is no way for us to be separate from each other. Those are the laws of entanglement and non-locality. We are all part of one bigger consciousness. We are only thinking ourselves apart.

So we are called to look at every thought, every word and every action and align it with our higher selves. We are called to align with true love and compassion. We are called to feel the unconscious connection at a deeper, molecular level. And we are called rise, to speak, to listen, to hold, to show up, to envision the change and hold it in the elevated emotions of love and gratitude. We are called to the polarity of the situation and to hold all of it, the good, the bad, the gritty and the beautiful. What we can do right now is listen deeply to the needs of others and respond with pure light and love. We can have conversations with our loved ones, we can check in with each other, we can find someone who holds different views and ask them questions, without the need to speak, defend or change their minds. Just to be with them in that space.

There is a type of therapy called Internal Family Systems, where you look at the different parts of yourself that may be acting in a way that is harmful because it was created to protect you in some way and is stuck in that time repeating the behaviour that protected you. When we go to those parts and meet them from our higher selves, we listen to their needs, and we wrap them in love and light so that they may be integrated. I believe that right now we are looking at some of these deep parts of humanity. Now is the time to love them, all of them, hear them and help them to integrate so that we can move forward. We are being given an opportunity to do it differently, to see the same old pattern of judgement, rage and separation in a new way. We cannot heal it fully until we do. That is up to each and every one of us, because we are the parts that make up the whole. We are the ones, now is the time.


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