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There is a calling in you  

like a small fire it glows in the depths of your cavernous belly  

It casts the shadows of your dreams upon your mind  

It is a wild and unapologetic thing, your desire  

And it can no longer be tamed

You feel the pull of it, the lust in it, the craving to be free, to be seen, to be

The goal of alchemy is transformation, change that results in an increase, or reinvigorati
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We ALL have                            !   

And when we have reclaimed them, we are capable of infinite creation and manifestation.  We can live unapologetically as our most wild selves, and we feel calm, revitalized, balanced, empowered, grounded,

and full of joy.

When we reclaim our super powers we can own every part of ourselves, the deep shadows and the brilliant light.  

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The goal of alchemy is transformation, change that results in an increase, or reinvigorati

Ignoring these powers and the deepest part of ourselves creates a disconnect from our IMAGINATION, our desires,

our UNTAMED selves, and begins to manifest in our lives.  

It may start as a niggle, discontent, restlessness,  frustration, a deep desire to be seen, understood, and supported.  It manifests as the fear to speak up, the step we can't take, the belief that holds us back.

It shows in our lives as irritability, sadness, worry, anxiety, depression, scatteredness, and exhaustion.

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We might spend years trying to deal with (or suppress) the symptoms, through medicine, therapy, yoga, career changes, new relationships, wine, name it!  And it might feel better...for a while.  But that deep discontent or feeling of anxiety begins to rise again.  

This feeling, which we often misinterpret as "bad", is actually our superpower trying to rise, to be seen, and to help you move forward in your life on your soul journey.


to move through our life, our challenges, manifest our dreams, and reclaim our pleasure.  It is our ability to be fully connected to our deepest self and use the power of imagination and creativity to manifest our desires, our dreams, our truths. 

Our                                   are the gifts we are given at birth

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Creativity is one of our superpowers!  It is the energy of our intentions, the AHA moment, the spark of new ideas, new awareness, and the energy to shift our perspective.

  It is this shift, this revealing of our deeper truths, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and emotions, that allows us to fully heal.  

When we combine the AHA moment with ENERGY MEDICINE we get ALCHEMY

and when we add COMMUNITY, we get MAGIC!

The goal of alchemy is transformation, change that results in an increase, or reinvigorati

There are lots of ways for us to play together!  Click here to learn about all of the ways to be 

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