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New directions, inspirations, and alignments

I know it has been a while y’all! And I am soooo grateful for a community that supported me during my sabbatical! It was incredibly productive and I got my book proposal done and submitted! I have also had some time to seriously think about what I am here to do and how I can best serve (you know, the light mental stuff…).

Early on in my IFS (part’s work) therapy, I learned that I have 3 parts that control my career. One part wants to DO DO DO, one part wants to wear flip-flops all the time and open a tiki hut on a remote island, and one part feels a deep desire to universally serve all of humanity. As you can imagine, they create some MAJOR tension for me, LOL!!!

I have been working on integrating these 3 parts with my true self and with each other for several years. Listening when my Flip Flop girl needs a break from the constant demands of the other two, and trying to feel into the right pace and timing of my Doer and my Server. The last three months have given me an opportunity to really see all three, their fears, and what they truly need to feel supported.

As I emerge from my writing sabbatical, I have been really sitting with “how” I am doing what I am doing. Does it align with my purpose? Does it leave space for self-nurturing? How do I want to come back? I have been listening deeply to my Source and inner wisdom and following my Type and Authority in my Human Design (I am a Pure Generator). So with that, I am announcing some changes to how I will be doing my coaching packages going forward. I will make an announcement on the scheduling page as well but here it is:


New and exciting things have been happening for me all year. I am working on my book, I have been buried deep in learning Human Design and Astrology, and I have had some incredible opportunities to take my skill sets and apply them to the corporate environment. I am scheduled to do some speaking over the next several months and NeuroCohesion™ will be launching its 4th Cohort this coming spring! So that said, I have really had to sit with what is working, what needs to go, and how I want to serve.


As I have been working with my own Human Design, I have come to really understand my life purpose, what supports me, and what I am here to talk about. Literally, one of my charts says my life purpose is to help other people get their shit together when that is what is needed to make the world a better place! But I am also here to help people raise their vibration and align with their true JOY and ABUNDANCE (money and all). So with that said, here is the new run-down of offerings.

1. Single Sessions:

I will still be offering single sessions. The biggest change here is that I have updated it from a 60-minute session to a 90-minute session and adjusted the cost accordingly. You can also book individual 90-minute sessions at $299 each, though slots are limited. You can schedule those sessions HERE.

2. Alchemical Coaching Packages:

This is the coaching that I have been doing, and of course, I am going to continue offering, I am just shifting the structure slightly. I am now offering this exclusive coaching package tailored for deep and transformative personal growth. This package is designed to provide you with dedicated support over a 3-month period to help you navigate your unique journey.

Package Inclusions:

- Personalized Human Design Report

- Two 75-minute sessions per month

- Weekly Genius exports

- Access to various tools and techniques

- Email support throughout the program

- A comprehensive blend of methodologies, including Applied Neurology, Specialized Kinesiology, Genius Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, Intuitive readings, Human Design/Gene Keys work, and Sarawati Healing modality sessions, featuring Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and Goddesses.

After the initial 12 weeks, we will conduct a thorough reassessment to determine the way forward, setting new goals and crafting a plan to further support your journey.

Pricing: The Alchemical Coaching package is priced at $600 per month for 3 months.

Availability: These packages are exclusively available to my existing clients and community and space is limited. For those interested, reach out to me directly at or you can register HERE.

3. New Mentoring Packages:

I am deeply passionate about supporting fellow practitioners, coaches, healers, intuitives, and spiritual entrepreneurs in their personal transformation journeys and aligning their businesses to attract their ideal clientele. With this in mind, I am introducing specialized Mentoring Packages.

Package Inclusions:

- Two 90-minute mentoring calls per month

- Human Design readings and reports

- Weekly check-ins via Marco Polo/Voxer

- Weekly Genius exports to aid your growth, alignment, and prosperity

- A comprehensive toolkit of invaluable tools and techniques

-In these sessions, we will delve into your personal deconditioning and healing journey, along with a thorough exploration of your business, messaging, alignment, skill sets, and financial strategies.

Pricing: The mentoring packages are available at $697 per month for 3 months.

Availability: I am opening up three slots for individuals ready to elevate their practice to the next level. If you’re eager to embark on this transformational journey and would like to secure your spot, please contact me directly at or you can register HERE.

I am incredibly excited about the potential for growth and transformation that these new offerings present. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Your support and dedication inspire me every day!!

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