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The Fire Element

Ok now, let’s talk about fire!

First, the fun part (always, the fun part first, go ahead, eat your dessert!). Fire season is all about joy, passion, connection, expansiveness, abundance, and yes, a little summer lovin'. We can feel fire energy when we laugh together and feel that expanded sense of joy, gratitude, and connectedness ripple around and through us. We literally crave this feeling.

It is also the feeling of blaring your favorite song on the stereo (I like to use old school words), and singing at the top of your lungs (at the least the 15 seconds worth you know the words too). And of course, it is the totally addictive qualities of the LOVERS!

Fire is the season when our gardens blossom and yield fruits and veggies and the abundance of life overflows all around us. We feel full, satisfied, and complete. Fire is also the magical quality of a summer evening, where the mundane of our world is imbibed and transformed with the magic of fireflies sparking our most curious and playful nature. I mean yes, please!

But as with all things, fire must find balance, or the heat will dry up, shrivel, wither, and bake our joy, our laughter, and our gardens. When in balance, our Fire is full of joy, but out of balance, Fire represents the energy of STRESS! Have any extra of that in your life?? Stress energy can show as anxiousness, scatteredness, impatience, and that feeling of being hyped up on too much coffee but still not able to focus or get shit done. And if we don’t balance fire in that stage, then it can easily lead to total burnout, leading to sadness, exhaustion, and loss of inspiration.

So how do you keep that fire burning nice and smooth?? Well, live a life that is totally stress-free! Just kidding. But managing your stress is important, so here are some helpful tools.

  1. Breathe. No really, take a breath. This amazing resource which is completely free (for now), has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels in the body. So do it, do it often, and do it deeply.

  2. Meditate. Nuff said, I can go on and on about the benefits of meditation and I already have in just about everything I put out there. So in the famous words of Nike, just do it!

  3. Laugh. Laughter has tremendous healing benefits. Did you know that babies laugh like 300 times a day and as adults, we only laugh like 30?? When did you lose all that laughter? Don’t think your co-workers are funny?? No problem, YouTube is full of videos that will make you bust a gut. But I happen to love a good Impractical Jokers episode as well.

  4. Hug. Fire energy is ruled by the HEART and our hearts LOVE connection. So go ahead and slap your heart right up on the chest of the person closest to you (get permission first of course) and feel how your heart lightens when it physically touches another. Bonus points, hug for more than 30 seconds (go on, get awkward, I dare you!)

  5. Move your body! Dance, swing, play tag, whatever brings you joy!

Laura x

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