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I am on a mission

Hi!  I am Laura Cardwell

I am a business mentor here to support Soul-preneurs, heart-centered businesses, creatives, coaches, and wellness practitioners. Using Human Design, Applied Neuroscience, and energetic techniques, we will embark on a transformative journey, aligning with your purpose, unveiling what lights you up, and courageously moving forward.  I am here to help you rewrite your narrative, embrace authenticity, create sustainable practices, and experience profound prosperity, and well-being.  

My approach

Human Design Alignment:
   - Personalized guidance using Human Design to align your business with your unique purpose and energy blueprint.

Deconditioning Through Science-Based Techniques:
   - Utilizing science-based techniques grounded in Applied Neurology and Alchemical Coaching to support deconditioning and foster genuine, authentic transformation.

Strategic Business Support:
   - Expert assistance in crafting and implementing effective business strategies tailored to your individual goals and aspirations.

Individualized, Customized Support:
   - Receive one-on-one, tailored support designed for your journey as a Soul-preneur, heart-centered business, coach, or practitioner. Your unique path deserves a uniquely crafted approach.

This comprehensive approach ensures a transformative and empowering experience, setting the stage for lasting success and fulfillment in your business endeavors.


Ways to Work Together

Ready to take the next step? Choose the path that resonates with you:


Alchemy of Archetypes

Are you prepared to elevate your lifestyle, improve your overall well-being, and cultivate deeper fulfillment in your connections? Are you longing to unlock opportunities for increased support, abundance, and personal empowerment? If you're in pursuit of satisfaction, equilibrium, and a roadmap to a more inspired and enriching life, an Alchetype session is tailor-made for individuals like you!


Embodied Leadership by Design

Welcome to a new way of approaching Entrepreneurial success and purpose-full impact.  Whether you're a budding visionary or a seasoned entrepreneur, let us help you refine your vision, strategize for growth, and overcome obstacles.  In our mindfully crafted programs, you'll dive deep into exploring your unique human design, master the art of creative collaboration, align your life and business with your purpose, and learn to use the (inevitable) challenges on the entrepreneurial path as tools for self-awareness and empowerment


NeuroCohesion™ Training

Embark on a transformative journey at our NeuroCohesion Practitioner Training. Unite the realms of science and intuition as you delve into Applied Neurology, Human Design, and the ancient wisdom of the Chinese 5 Elements. Learn how to harness the energy of the 5 Elements for balance and vitality, and unlock the secrets of Human Design to guide others toward their true purpose. Elevate your coaching to new heights and join the journey to redefine the art of purposeful living!

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Why work with me?

Holistic Expertise:   With 15 years of experience in Applied Neuroscience, Energetic Kinesiology, and Transformational Coaching, I bring a wealth of holistic health expertise to guide you on your well-being journey. My background, including a degree in Holistic Health and advanced studies in Natural Medicine, ensures a comprehensive and personalized approach.

NeuroCohesion™ Program:  Embark on a transformative journey with my NeuroCohesion™ program, a training program designed specifically for practitioners and coaches to deepen their skill sets. Seamlessly blending holistic health and applied Neuroscience, we'll unlock the secrets of a joy-infused, purpose-driven life, navigating a path guided by my expertise in cultivating joy and aligning with purpose.

Heart-Centered Leadership:  As the founder of Laura Cardwell Coaching and co-founder of The Candy Shop and Embodied Leadership By Design, my mission is to empower you to lead from the heart. Benefit from my commitment to embracing your inherent value, rewriting personal narratives, and opening the path to greater abundance. My lived experiences and expansive toolbox uniquely position me to guide and illuminate your path.

What You Can Expect


Personal Growth: Immerse yourself in the realm of authentic growth and spiritual evolution through personalized coaching. Discover the depths of your being and witness the incredible shifts that unfold on your path to self-discovery.

Business Harmony: Unleash the power of your unique brand by harmonizing your business practices with your innate energetic blueprint. Experience the synergy that arises when your business aligns seamlessly with your authentic self.

Human Design Mastery: Decode the secrets of Human Design and apply its principles for informed decisions and impactful client interactions. Let the wisdom of Human Design elevate your understanding, bringing clarity and purpose to your personal and professional life.

Balance: Find the sweet spot between professional success and personal well-being. Together, we'll create a harmonious blend that allows you to thrive both in your career and in the richness of your personal life.

Authority Building: Elevate your presence and establish yourself as a revered authority in your niche by leveraging the profound insights of Human Design. Let your unique essence shine, guiding you towards a position of influence and impact. Embrace the journey of transformation and purposeful living.

Embark on a journey of profound transformation with me as your guide:

Are You Ready for a

Discover the power of aligning your unique path through personalized guidance using Human Design. Experience genuine transformation with science-based techniques rooted in Applied Neurology and Alchemical Coaching, breaking free from conditioned patterns. Elevate your business strategically with expert support tailored to your goals. This journey is not a one-size-fits-all—expect personalized, customized support designed exclusively for Soul-preneurs, heart-centered businesses, coaches, and practitioners. Ready to rewrite your business narrative, embrace joy, and achieve lasting success?

Let's begin your transformative journey today!
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